Why choose us?

We are Black, Latina, Queer, and Woman owned. We hand make everything in the store and make art that represents the black/brown, queer, and female liberation and expression. What started out as “quarantine art projects” turned into a passion and excitement for creating things from resin, glass, paint and other materials. Our art contains a lot of glitter, rainbows, galaxies/space, black girl magic, and island escapes. We also create custom pieces - message us for more info. 

Z absolutely loved the gift, thanks again....

Looks amazing, we absolutely love it! 

Ashley D.
Cartoon Commission Customer

About Us

Ines JB


Started by Ines JB, a Black and Puertorican, queer, Chicago artist. Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI, Ines has been creating since she was a child. After the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ines, her partner Chris, and extended family began creating new art at home as a hobby and self care practice. Over time friends and family took notice and encouraged them to start a shop and share the art with the greater community - and so began “fluffy unicorn.”